Genre Science fiction
Numéro ISBN 9781595825568
Scenario Mario & Gilbert Hernandez
Dessin Gilbert Hernandez
Langue EN
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Gilbert Hernandez
Délai de livraison Livrable entre 12 et 19 jours
Couverture HC
Poids 695
Diamond Code FEB110027
Date de parution 29-06-2011
Livrable entre 12 et 19 jours Prix BD Web Membre: 21,05

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A bizarre, sexy look into the future from comics legends Mario & Gilbert Hernandez! When gossip blogger Sergio Bauntin investigates the illusive robot celebrity CTZ-RX-1, he provokes the city's shady power players, who don't want the story to get out! It's a surreal sci-fi adventure as only Los Bros. Hernandez can do it! This handsome hardcover collection also features new cover art by Gilbert, an extensive sketchbook section with behind-the-scenes material from Mario, and a special pin-up from third Hernandez brother Jaime (Locas, The Education of Hopey Glass)!