Couverture TPB
Langue EN
Numéro ISBN 9781949518245
Scenario VARIOUS,
Dessin Various,
Poids 448
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Romboli, Elisa
Délai de livraison Livrable entre 1 et 7 jours
Diamond Code MAR231312
Date limité de precommande 1899-12-31
Date de parution 24-05-2023
Livrable entre 5 et 19 jours Prix BD Web Membre: 19,99

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The flutter of first dates, the thrill of a text-back, the heart-stopping seconds before coming out, and the rush when finally discovering who you truly are - all of these life-changing moments across the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+ experience are ready to explore in this bright and inspiring comics anthology! The Color of Always is a collection of personal stories, testimonies, heirlooms, evocations, and evangelisms for queer creators and readers that celebrates feeling good about who you are, and coming into your own at last.