Couverture HC
Langue EN
Numéro ISBN 9781506732787
Scenario Mignola, Mike
Dessin Slatter
Genre Horror
Poids 695
Diamond Code MAR231398
Date limité de precommande 2023-04-03
Date de parution 26-07-2023
Livrable entre 2 et 4 semaines Prix BD Web Membre: 24,99

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Artists: (W) Mike Mignola (A) angela Slatter & Various Sara May Blackburn has always been an odd girl. Plagued by mysterious powers her whole life, Sarah heads to New York to seek Miss Brook at the Linton School for Girls. But the school is shrouded in strangeness, and the more secrets Sara discovers, the more dangerous and challenging her studies become. Sarah must reveal the forces that seek to control her power. Join Hellboy creator Mike Mignola as he partners with celebrated author Angela Slatter and artist extraordinaire Valeria Burzo for a new adventure full of witchcraft and magic. Collects Castle Full of Blackbirds #1-4.