Couverture Comic
Langue EN
Scenario Patrick, James
Dessin De Oliveira
Numéro 4
Genre Horror
Poids 62
Upc 05149729920004
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Vogt, Hugh
Diamond Code FEB231265
Date limité de precommande 1899-12-31
Date de parution 19-04-2023
Livrable entre 2 et 4 semaines Prix BD Web Membre: 5,95

Plus d'infos

It's cover to cover Brooding Muse as Kayla and Jason make a run for the NYC sewers, escaping the ruthless shock troops above for what waits below-what is that exactly? Try a wall of decapitated heads, two shape-shifting psychopaths, and a six hundred pound bruiser named The Matriarch!