Couverture Comic
Langue EN
Scenario Sparacio, Mark
Dessin Sparacio, Mark
Numéro 1
Genre Action / Adventure
Poids 62
Upc 85609100680910111
Description de la variante CVR A SPARACIO
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Sparacio, Mark
Délai de livraison Livrable entre 12 et 19 jours
Diamond Code JUN231524
Date limité de precommande 2023-08-07
Date de parution 30-08-2023
Livrable entre 2 et 4 semaines Prix BD Web Membre: 3,99

Plus d'infos

It's 1938 in Amesbury, England. While performing aerial stunts in the Aerobatique Show for her adoring fans, American Pilot, Samantha 'Bombshell' Cartwright's, aeroplane is struck by a meteorite. After safely landing her Curtiss P-40, curiosity gets the better of Sam and she goes to investigate the meteor's crash site. What Sam finds is more than she bargained for: an 8 foot tall Automaton, who she will eventually call 'TommTomm'. Not able to communicate, TommTomm becomes Sam's body guard as they along with MI-5 Agent Terrence Wilkinson and MI-5 Scientist, Professor Graham Rockwell encounter Nazi spies, ancient religious artifacts and alien races. Bombshell and TommTomm is a fast paced, action packed, adventure comic, like the kind you used to love. Come along for the ride, you won't be disappointed!