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Numéro ISBN 9781910395769
Scenario Sullivan
Dessin Sullivan
Genre Drama
Poids 448
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Date limité de precommande 2023-12-29
Date de parution 28-02-2024
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Loopy... cuckoo... stark raving.... When the depression and grief Alix feels over the death of her friend overwhelm her, she's institutionalized. But inside a psychiatric ward, things don't get better for her. Now she has nowhere to get away from her rapidly-spiraling thoughts. As Alix navigates disinterested attendants, group therapy, and isolation, she must build herself a new equilibrium and tame the black dog of her depression. nspired by her own struggles with mental health, Lucy Sullivan tells a powerful, emotional story about the problems that sometimes overwhelm us all-and the failures in the mental health system we depend on.