Couverture Softcover
Langue EN
Pagination 248
Numéro ISBN 9781421596952
Éditeur VIZ Media
Numéro 2
Mots clés Manga
Date de parution 02-02-2022
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 9,99

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Can eight teenagers find their way home from 5,000 light-years away? It’s the year 2063, and interstellar space travel has become the norm. Eight students from Caird High School and one child set out on a routine planet camp excursion. While there, the students are mysteriously transported 5,000 light-years away to the middle of nowhere! Will they ever make it back home?! The situation aboard the Astra intensifies as Zack reveals to Kanata that the shipʼs communication system has recently been sabotaged and itʼs likely one among them is the culprit! The crew members are overtaken with confusion and anger and begin questioning each otherʼs motives. Suddenly, the side of the Astra explodes! The controls and gravity system shut down, and the Astra is set on a collision course with the planet Shummoor.
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Prix BD Web Membre: 9,99
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Prix BD Web Membre: 9,99
2-5 jours ouvrables