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Scenario Goscinny
Numéro 11
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Date limité de precommande 2023-12-29
Date de parution 21-02-2024
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Three newly-translated classic Asterix stories in one volume! First, in 'Asterix and the Actress,' Asterix and Obelix celebrate their birthday as Caesar makes his move against his political rival Pompey, the festivities and fisticuffs are sure to be entertaining! Then in 'Asterix and the Class Act,' 14 short stories including the day Asterix and Obelix were born (in the middle of a village fish fight), How Obelix goes back to school, Fashion in Ancient Gaul, How Dogmatix helps the village cockerel win a duel, and how he is adopted as a Roman mascot, and the story of the creation of Asterix. Then, the Gauls have only one fear: that the sky may fall on their head. It looks as if their time's come at last for Asterix, Obelix and the other villagers. But some surprising new characters fall along with the sky. Our friends soon find themselves in the middle of a space race. Plus: a new Afterword by Alexander Simmons providing historical and cultural context for Asterix, both in 50 B.C. and in the time the classic comics were made.