Couverture TPB
Langue EN
Numéro ISBN 9781949028034
Numéro 4
Genre Horror
Poids 448
Description de la variante WALLED CITY
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest De Latorre, Rafael
Délai de livraison Backorder
Diamond Code JAN240997
Date limité de precommande 1899-12-31
Date de parution 21-02-2024
Pas disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 14,99
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One day, the Animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Jesse and her hound dog, Sandor, have been on the road traveling from New York City to San Francisco to reunite Jesse with her half-brother. They've seen many sights and met many animals and humans, some good, some very bad. Now Jesse has been kidnapped and separated from Sandor. The old hound dog will stop at nothing to return to his cowgirl, but there are some things Sandor can't shield Jesse from, and once innocence is lost, it's lost forever. From creator/writer Marguerite Bennett (INSEXTS, DC Comics Bombshells, Batwoman) with artwork from Rafael De Latorre (SUPERZERO), comes the fourth volume in the acclaimed ANIMOSITY series, containing issues #14-18.