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Date de parution 12-07-2023
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We know Álex de la Iglesia for his works as a film director, for his achievements as a producer, for the international projection of his films, for leaving his mark as a filmmaker and for his very personal forays into genre cinema. Titles such as Mutant Action, The Day of the Beast, Sad Trumpet Ballad, 800 Bullets, The Witches of Zugarramurdi or 30 Coins are part of an extensive filmography that has established him as one of the most influential directors of our cinema.This book, through illustrations and essays, focuses on Álex's graphic facet: his comics, sketches, ideas notes, storyboards, shooting plans, designs for role-playing games, flyers and drawings, among other forms of expression, who show us on paper how the ideas that this visionary director later turns into unforgettable films are conceived and born