Couverture Manga
Langue EN
Numéro ISBN 9781974740987
Éditeur VIZ LLC
Scenario Suenaga, Yuki
Dessin Moue
Numéro 3
Poids 190
Brand Code Manga
Délai de livraison Livrable entre 1 et 7 jours
Diamond Code OCT232106
Date limité de precommande 1899-12-31
Date de parution 13-12-2023
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 9,99

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Artists: (W) Yuki Suenaga (A) Takamasa Moue The student rakugo competition known as the Karaku Cup is about to begin. Akane immediately draws the attention of the crowd with her connection to the Arakawa school's rising star Kaisei Arakawa, Issho Arakawa's apprentice, and her own amazing rakugo skills. With her ani-san Koguma's advice in her back pocket, she figures out the key to winning the competition with 'Jugemu,' a rakugo story famous for its long, repetitive tongue twister. But she'll have to deal with impressive rivals with unique styles of their own... Will she be able to overcome this battle of wills, wits, and dreams?