Couverture Manga
Langue EN
Numéro ISBN 9798888430644
Scenario Amekawa
Dessin Hachipisu
Numéro 4
Poids 190
Brand Code Manga
Cover artiest Hachipisu, Wan
Diamond Code OCT232227
Date limité de precommande 2023-11-05
Date de parution 06-12-2023
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 13,99

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Artists: (W) Touko Amekawa (A/CA) Wan Hachipisu After her confrontation with Prince Theodore in the slums, Rishe was finally able to end the feud between him and his brother Arnold. Most people would take a break after an ordeal like that, but Rishe is not most people! So when they return to the castle and Arnold offers her any gift she'd like, it's not jewelry or trinkets she asks for, but a duel! Later on, another ghost from Rishe's past arrives in Galkhein. This time it's the prince of a neighboring country who claims he's there to congratulate Rishe and Arnold on their engagement. However, Rishe can't shake the feeling there's more to his visit than meets the eye.